Stay on top of your goals, you’ll thank yourself later.

As the New Year approaches we are theoretically handed a clean slate from this exceptionally trying year. Given the hardships and stress experienced around the world, clean slates will look tremendously different for us all.

Allow for this new season the opportunity to transform to your life. If you haven’t considered already, think of goals you want to accomplish throughout 2021.

If you lead with dedication, the goals you set forth for yourself are stepping stones to new opportunities and potential pivotal life changes. In the face of uncertainty of what the New Year brings, setting goals that are aligned with where you want to go will keep you on track.

There’s no goal to small or too large, but never think of unfulfilled goals as personal failures. If you had goals you did not have the option of starting towards this year then carry them over and make a new plan.

The best way to remind yourself of your goals is to write them down. Don’t stop there though; don’t simply write them down with no plans of referring back to them down the line. Write your goals were you can see them. Plaster sticky notes all over your room, make a checklist or any way that you know they’ll be acknowledged.

Consider your end goal. How long will it take you to get there? Focus on what you can do to work towards that goal along the way. Curate smaller goals that you can accomplish daily to stay on track. Keep in mind that no one knows what you can handle better than you. Don’t overwhelm yourself with pressure to quickly get to your end goals.

By no means are you obligated to accomplishing every goal, but remind yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Without goals we remain stagnate and opt to repeat patterns that hold you back or provide no motivation to move forward. They offer a direction for you to move forward on.

This New Year will soon be presenting us all with our clean slates. Take advantage of the power you have in changing your own reality. Motivate yourself with small accomplishments that feed into bigger opportunities. Stay on top of your goals even on your worst days.

Remain open to adjustments as they come, surround yourself with positive affirmations and remain firm in your goals.