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Freedom Session

Have you felt stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated? Are you having a hard time hearing from God the direction needed? Our Freedom Sessions help you get unstuck so that you can move forward. 

1:1 Coaching

Freedom Plus Life Coaching is available for those that are ready to walk out their freedom with accountability. Our coaching is designed to provide you a safe place for prophetic processing and addressing limiting belief systems as we help you develop new behaviors and stretch you in the areas being highlighted. Breakthrough happens in our coaching sessions!

Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope is a 6-week group mentoring program designed to help you to break free from that feeling of stagnancy which may look like discouragement, frustration and anger. We will cover identity, relating to others, loving yourself etc. We will also utilize my proprietary framework to help you in your journey of healing.

On Point Life Coaching

Why On Point Life Coaching?

Traditional Life Coaching is an effective method to help individuals move forward and overcome hindrances. On Point Life Coaching brings the best of both worlds together by dealing with the spiritual aspect as well as the emotional side.

​Those that have worked with Tina in the past have raved that they were able to overcome fear-based thinking, they had greater clarity, and new confidence.

Tina’s personal story with regard to bringing these components together, is that she went through a variety of devastating blows…overcoming rejection from childhood, low self esteem, failed marriages, to name a few.

Getting to the root of those issues spiritually helped exponentially, but she still had to walk out her own freedom. Learning communication skills, boundaries, and self-love were major for her and those were just basic!

Through the years she learned even more and knows what it takes to begin to LIVE again!!! In her many years of mentoring, she is now taking the tools that she’s learned (plus more) and sharing them with you so that you too can LIVE your best LIFE.

–A life of FREEDOM…

​A life intentionally and fully fueled by the LOVE of GOD!

Leaping into FREEDOM starts with you Yes!

Looking for Help with Your Life Goals?

I’m here to help you overcome the hindrances that have held you back so that you can LIVE and enjoy all that God has designed for YOU!!

If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s time to schedule your Discovery call:

Overwhelmed with the direction of your life

Struggling to walk in what God has laid out for you

Frustrated by the decisions of your past

Needing help processing emotional pain

​Knowing there’s more for you, but not sure where to start…

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